We believe in treating our planet with respect and in having as positive an influence as possible.


Our paper and cardboard products are 100% biodegradable and produced from renewable raw materials. Our paper carrier bags can be reused, but if they should tear or come into contact with water, they can be recycled up to seven times.


We trade according to the REACH directives and fulfil the requirements of EU chemical regulations. The goal is to comprehensively engage in the safe use of substances coming under the auspices of REACH, as well as the resulting products. Our upstream suppliers confirm that ingredients and products in the goods they deliver are registered for use as soon as they are subject to registration under REACH stipulations.

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FSC® Product Label

We support the sustainable management of the world’s forests and are proud of our FSC® product label. Moreover, to the best of our ability we ensure that the purchased and traded products do not come from dubious sources. The term “dubious sources” encompasses:

  • Illegal timber harvesting and handling of illegal wood and related products
  • Wood from areas where traditional and civil rights are compromised
  • Wood from forests where conservation through forestry management is jeopardised
  • Wood from conversion of natural woods in plantations or in unprotected forestry areas
  • Wood from forests in which genetically altered trees grow
  • The violation of fundamental labour laws enshrined in the 1998 ILO declarations