Customised carrier bags

Practical, sustainable, and reusable: these customised carrier bags, made from fabric or paper, are an ideal way to spread your company’s commercial message.

paper carrier bags

Whether a paper carrier bag for new jewellery or elegant packaging for premium chocolates, personalised carrier bags truly take your brand out into the world. Design, sizing, and style are all adjusted according to your requirements. We print your paper carrier bags and personalise them with logos, company colours or motifs of your choice.

Fabric carrier bags and bags out of recycled material

There is an ever-increasing demand for sustainable bags. Impress your customers with cotton bags which simultaneously act as an effective branding medium. Whether at point of sale or trade fairs, sustainable carrier bags – made from cotton or PP Non-Woven Polypropylene, R-PET bags or similar – are in vogue, reusable, and the sign of an environmentally friendly company culture. As far as design is concerned, the carrier bags can be completely customised in line with your requirements.


Our carrier bags with cooling effects are ideal for carrying fresh food, such as chocolate, during warm summer months. The cooling carrier bags are excellent for re-usage by your customers and thus represent a great added value for you and your customers. These bags can also be well used in online shipping for products requiring cooling. Of course, these carrier bags can also be designed individually.